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Wednesday 6th August 2009

Cold Control Tackle Climate Change with eCube

Cold Control, the award winning air-conditioning and refrigeration specialists are the preferred installers for the revolutionary eCube nationwide. The eCube is a simple solution designed to drastically reduce the energy consumption of refrigeration systems.

The Government has pledged to save 80 percent of all UK carbon emissions by 2050 and the improvement of energy efficiency is a vital step towards achieving this aim.

With environmental issues currently a priority to both the government and the general public, it is no surprise that Cold Control are already responding. As confirmation of this, they have recently undertaken a thrilling new venture with the suppliers of eCube to act as the preferred installers of the energy saving eCube. Cold Control has successfully installed eCube into a number of highly influential businesses in the UK, including the Marriott hotels and Welcome Break.

The eCube is already creating great excitement within the refrigeration industry including Major Multiples and leading restaurant chains, due to its energy saving potential and cost saving ability for big businesses.

Julien Tatuka, Welcome Break Group Ltd commented, "Welcome Break trialled the eCube at one of its locations on a selection of 13 refrigeration units including 4 'walk in' rooms; the results are very encouraging. Whilst this pilot was only at one site, the specifications will be different at other locations; we believe however that the 3 months payback could also be achieved at the other locations".

The eCube is made from food simulant wax, and fits onto the thermostat sensor inside the fridge it measures the temperature of food as opposed to ambient air. This is beneficial to the food industry, allowing for accurate and precise readings of temperature, for improved food preservation. The eCube has been proven to cut the energy consumption of large industrial companies by up to 33 percent. It is estimated that commercial and retail refrigeration uses 16,000 million kWh of electricity per annum in the UK and this results in a cost of £1.3 billion and seven million tonnes of CO2 (MtCO2) emissions, therefore the eCube is set to make a sizeable contribution towards the fight on climate change. A specialist installer such as Cold Control must install the eCube.

Cold Control anticipates an exciting relationship with eCube. Both companies are equally committed to preventing climate change and promoting the importance of energy efficiency. This opportunity will allow both businesses to embrace that goal, lowering electricity bills, reducing CO2 emissions and creating longer life spans for equipment. The eCube has been described as the future for refrigeration, and Cold Control are proud to be a part of the drive to tackle Climate Change.

Mark Grant, Managing Director of Cold Control commented, "Cold Control are consistently committed to strengthening their environmental service. We are extremely pleased that this opportunity has arisen with eCube, it allows Cold Control to actively contribute to the fight on global warming".

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